Coffee Roast Types

By Curio Kitchen Staff

Coffee comes in so many varieties, it's no surprise you may try it once and loathe it, then try it again at a later date only to be a little more accepting. With all the different blends and flavor additives, you may not know what it is you like or dislike about a certain coffee.

A major factor that can make or break your favorability towards coffee is how the beans are roasted. Regardless of the flavor additions and bean blend, the style of roast will be a make or break situation for coffee drinkers. The difference in roast types is simply the duration of roasting the beans prior to grinding, but the results are notably different.

Confronted with the option of light, medium, or dark roast coffee, which should you choose? Knowing just the basics should be enough to get by with confidence that you made the right decision. When it comes to more subtle flavor, that's an opportunity to experiment. Here is the minimalist version of what you need to know.

Light Roast

  • Recommended for beginner coffee drinkers.
  • Minimal in flavor, may be too watered down for some.
  • Common in breakfast blends meant to give a caffeine kick in the morning.

Medium Roast

  • Recommended for both beginner and experienced coffee drinkers.
  • Good balance of light and dark flavors without being too powerful.
  • Enjoyable at any time of the day with or without flavor additions.

Dark Roast

  • An acquired taste not recommended for beginner coffee drinkers.
  • Very bold, somewhat burnt or smokey flavor.
  • Probably best paired with a meal or dessert.

Written October 11, 2018

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