The Curious Kiwano

By Curio Kitchen Staff

The Kiwano, also known as the Horned Melon, was an interesting thing to see in the grocery store. The spiked rind gives a threatening appearance, piquing our interest. At around six dollars per fruit however, it's quite costly. Regardless, it was something we were willing to try at least once. You never know if you have a new favorite until you try everything.


The skin of the fruit has bright yellow-orange color, showing off its tropical nature. It is roughly the size of a softball and surprisingly heavy. The spiky rind is obviously not very comfortable to hold, but the other areas give a smooth and waxy texture, being much more forgiving to the hands. Squeezing it lightly proves that its contents are soft, similar to citrus fruits. Cutting it open reveals the meat to be a lime green color, quite a contrast to the outer layer.


The edible inside is filled with seeds, each covered in a slimy green cell. Biting into it, the meat is easily consumed first, followed by the seeds. The chewy kiwano seeds are reminiscent of eating watermelon or pumpkin seeds.


Immediately, a sweet and slightly tart flavor comparable to that of a lime is sensed in the meat but quickly fades to a more grassy taste. The remaining seeds do not have any flavor to them.


The consensus seems to be that while it's certainly has an interesting appearance, there isn't much else to differentiate it from other citrus fruits. The sweetness doesn't live up to an orange, lime, or lemon. If you're one who likes to try new things for experience, give it a go. For the rest of us, we're fine with more familiar fruits.

Written October 15, 2018

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