The Power of Nutritional Yeast

By Curio Kitchen Staff

Yeast is a micro-organsim well known for its use in baking bread and brewing beer. Lesser known is nutritional yeast, an inert form used as a meal add-on for its mild flavor and exceptional vitamin value. This can classify nutritional yeast as a superfood.

It may seem to be an odd food at first, but having given it a try, we can say for certain it's a welcome addition to the pantry. No need for refridgeration here, so it found a new home in the spice rack.


Many people tend to share the opinion that the flavor of nutritional yeast can be compared to that of a mild cheese. It's probably the most apt description since there isn't much else it could be compared to. But don't expect a rich cheddar or parmesean flavor, as it's much more subtle.

If you're looking for a seasoning to satiate a macaroni and cheese craving, it's not likely to fill that gap. Instead, it can be enjoyed as a savory addition to salads, omelettes, and pastas to get a good range of vitamins without overwhelming the rest of the dish.


As a superfood, it should have some super qualities, right? For this example, we took a peek at Trader Joe's brand which can be purchased at a very reasonable price, in case you wanted to give it a try. Here were some of the stand-out nutrients found in just a tablespoon of this yeast.

  • B6 & B12 - These B vitamins support a healthy brain, immune system, and nervous system.
  • Folate - Another name for vitamin B9, folate assists with the creation and repair of DNA.
  • Niacin - Another name for vitamin B3, niacin can help elevate healthy HDL cholesterol.
  • Riboflavin - Another name for vitamin B2, riboflavin aids in converting foods to macronutrients.
  • Thiamin - Another name for vitamin B1, thiamin helps convert carybohydrates into energy.

Just a little bit of nutritional yeast with your meal should get you more than enough of each of these vitamins.

Written February 11, 2019

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